Our Clergy
The Reverend. Dr. Marcia King currently serves as Interim Rector.  The Reverend Brian Alberti is the Associate Rector.  In addition, the Rev. Carolyn Murdoch and the Rev. Evelyn Payson serve as Deacons.
Our Vestry
These 12 parish leaders are responsible for assisting the rector in leading the parish to a stronger Christian ministry and a strengthening of our faith. The vestry is responsible for the financial affairs of the parish and, in general, acts as a board of directors. The members serve three-year staggered terms.
Our Staff
We have a dedicated group of full-time and part-time paid staff members, as well as office volunteers.
Our Facilities
Our beautiful and historic church is located at 801 Atlantic Avenue at the corner of 8th Street. Behind the church are our architecturally compatible, modern parish hall, office and classroom buildings surrounding a courtyard, creating an inviting, campus-like atmosphere which contributes to the feeling of community shared by our members.
Our Publications
There are several different ways St. Peters communicates with parishioners and the community.  A weekly e-newsletter, The Key News is mailed to everyone on our mailing list.  The sign-up form to receive The Key News is on our home page.
Our Mission Statement
St. Peters Episcopal Church seeks to be a warm, welcoming community of people called to know, love, worship and serve Jesus Christ and His people. We believe the Christian life is a journey and we invite Gods people to journey with us. Those of us who have come to this parish in recent years know that the people of St. Peters are warm and welcoming.
Our History
We celebrated our Sesquicentennial in 2008, the parish having been formed as a missionary outpost in June of 1858. Construction of the first St. Peters Church building was begun in November of that year. The present building's cornerstone was laid in 1881.