Stewardship: Beyond the Building!

Show by your good life that your works are done by gentleness born of wisdom.  James 3:13



Stewardship Prayer

"Lord we know you have given us all things; our life, our family and your love. Thank you gracious God for this community of St. Peter's, this beautiful Church, our lives together and all of our ministries. May we learn to share these gifts by being good stewards of St. Peter's through our energy, hours and financial resources."


St. Peter's Stewardship Committee

Jim Caine

Joan Kratz

Lee Watanabe




What percent of Estimate of Giving cards are returned?

Last year 40% of Estimate of Giving cards were returned. This equals 1 in 1.45 families returning their Estimate of Giving card. This year our goal is for 70% of families to return their Estimate of Giving cards.


Why should I complete an Estimate of Giving card and what if I can't contribute alot?

Your Estimate of Giving enables the church to establish what it can spend on the operations of the church. You can contribute at a level you are comfortable with. We of course understand situations change and if you have to modify your estimate, simply contact the church’s financial office to change your estimate of giving.


Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes they are!  St. Peter’s will send statements three times a year to let you know where you are in your estimate of giving.


What happens to the contribution I make to St. Peters?

90% percent of the contribution stays at St. Peter’s for the operations, repairs, payroll, outreach, Youth and Christian Education, and EYC. The remaining 10% of the money is sent to Diocese of Florida as our pledge. That money is used for the operations of the Diocese as well as events like Cursillo and Happening. The Diocese sends 10% of what is received from all churches to the Episcopal Church. So only a small amount of our money sent to the Diocese leaves Florida.  Here are some of St. Peter's expenses.

Insurance: 39,224.00.00

Administrative Operations: 46,738.00

Buildings & Grounds: 67,775.00

Utilities: 42,755.00

Music & Worship: 11,200.00

Diocese of Florida: 81 ,000.00

Budgeted Outreach: 12,000.00

Misc. Outreach: 21,946.23

Parish Life: 17,295.00

Christian Education: 8,525.00 

EYC: budgeted: 4,000.00 and

from Shrimp Festival Parking 14,951.00