Foundation for the Future:  Forward in Faith


In the Gospels, we are told that Jesus’ ministry was supported through major gifts from women who followed His way.  Jesus had a mission, and these women wanted to fund it.  These key donors found that the vision they had for their money overlapped with what Jesus was trying to do.  [Two thousand years later, members of St. Peter’s see Jesus ministering among and through the Church and ask where His mission overlaps with what they want to accomplish with their resources.]


Discernment for a capital campaign began in February 2016 with a vestry retreat.  The St. Peter’s Vestry agreed unanimously that now is the right time for a capital campaign.  The Vestry agreed that the executive director of the Diocesan Foundation will serve as consultant and St. Peter’s will make a gift to the Diocesan Foundation for his services. The vestry was able to identify projects from maintenance to vision.  Following two congregational meetings, the parish pinpointed the needs and desires of St. Peter’s.


On Saturday, January 28 we officially kicked off our capital campaign, Foundation for the Future:  Forward in Faith. The campaign is off to great start.  As of May 3, we have received 163 pledges totaling $1,503,398 towards our goal of $1.8 million dollars.  For more information about our campaign, click here to view our brochure.