Inquirer's & Newcomer's Opportunities

If you have been in the St. Peter's community for a little or a long time, we have opportunities for you to learn all about the Episcopal church beginning this month! If you are new, we also have a social opportunity for you to connect with your peers at St. Peter's. Take a look to see how you can sign up, below.


Everything you want to know about the Episcopal Church

but are afraid to ask! (Inquirer’s/Newcomers class)

Sundays, April 24-May 22, 10:15-10:50 in Room 201

Are you new to the Episcopal Church or maybe a cradle Episcopalian with questions? Ever wonder what Christians and Episcopalians believe? This 5-week class could be for you. Join the Reverend Dr. Marcia King as we talk about our faith and our church.

Newcomer's Social Event

Wednesday, April 27 at 5:00 pm in Burns Hall

If you are new, since January 2020, to St. Peter's, we would love to see you at the Newcomer's Social! If you did not already receive an e-vite, please click the button below to sign up for this evening of food and fellowship.

Newcomer's Invite-2.png