Newcomers Ministry


The Newcomers Ministry is a group of committed parishioners who want to help every visitor feel the warmth and love of a parish whose passion is to worship and serve Jesus Christ on Amelia Island.


  • Programs and Ministries Greeters at each service

  • Bread of Life - a quick visit with a loaf of bread

  • Welcoming Post Cards for all Newcomers

  • Welcoming Social for Newcomers held quarterly

  • Inquirer's Class held once a year



Greeters, with their welcoming smiles, are stationed outside the church before each service to greet parishioners, welcome newcomers and visitors, to distribute name tags, and to give visitor cards to those who need them. More details are available on the Servers at the Liturgy page. 


Bread of Life

Each Sunday a member of The Bread of Life team delivers a small, fresh loaf of bread to local prospective parishioners who attend St. Peters for the first time. The responsibilities of the team members are simple: after the last service the Bread of Life volunteer receives the names and addresses from the visitor cards left in the offertory plate and from the Greeters list, purchases sufficient bread from a local supermarket bakery, and delivers the bread along with a welcome card from our Parish inviting them to come again. The visit is brief and generally limited to the doorstep. A volunteer delivers bread once every three months and will spend a half an hour to an hour, depending on the number of deliveries. All you need is a car and a desire to meet new people, we will provide you with a local map.


Welcoming Post Cards

A list of all visitors is forwarded to the Newcomers Committee at the end of each month. Visitors are then sent cards welcoming them, and informing them of the quarterly socials.


Welcoming Social

Quarterly wine and cheese socials are usually held at a parishioners home and all visitors who have filled out a visitors card or have indicated an interest in St. Peters receive an invitation.


Inquirer's Class

An introductory class is held once a year. It gives an overview of the Anglican/Episcopal Church and an introduction to the Eucharist (communion). Participants meet the clergy, staff and vestry. A brief history of St. Peter's and a tour of the church by a parish member/docent give further insight into this parish and its beautiful building. At the end of this class you can be confirmed, reaffirmed or received into the Episcopal Church if you so wish.