Pastoral Care Ministries 


Pastoral care ministries enhance and strengthen our parish life.  These important lay ministries, with the support of the clergy, care for the diverse needs, practical and spiritual, within the St. Peter's family.  For more information on any of the Pastoral Care Ministries, please contact the church office.


Lay Eucharistic Ministry

We who are many are one body as we share one bread, one cup.

St. Peter's Lay Eucharistic Visitors are licensed by the diocese to take the sacrament of Holy Communion to those unable to attend regular services.  In this way, those who are at home, in assisted living or other facilities, can participate in our worship community.  In addition to sharing the Body and Blood of Christ, our visitors are a reminder to the person, family, and hospital staff, that they are still a part of the body of Christ's church in general and St. Peter's in particular.  Please contact the church office if you know someone who would like to receive communion.


St. Peter's Cares:  The Shepherds' Ministry

St. Peter's Cares shepherding ministry serves and nurtures our church family. The shepherds are organized into teams and each team is "on call" for one month at a time.  Shepherds are here to pray for, call, visit, write to, arrange meals and transportation and/or other needs for that may arise for parishioners.  Please contact the church office when there is a need that would benefit from the care and support of the church family.  


Bereavement Luncheons Ministry

The members of this group provide a luncheon in Burns Hall following a funeral service at St. Peters. This thoughtful act and gift of time and talent has touched the lives of many people over the years as friends and family gather to celebrate the life of a loved one.


Kitchen Angels

Kitchen Angels are volunteers who occasionally share prayers, love, and food with one of our St. Peters members in a time of need. It may be after surgery, or in the midst of an illness or just a time when some loving attention is needed. Just as a sacrament is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace so visits from Kitchen Angels are an outward and visible (and tasty!) sign of Christ's love.


St. Peter's Knitters for Christ

Experienced and brand new knitters stitch their prayers into wonderful prayer shawls, lap robes, preemie caps, and sweaters.  The love of Christ is poured into every stitich and the results are beautiful to behold.  Shawls are blessed at the altar and then available to be taken to anyone who would love a warm wrap for shoulders or lap.


Grief Support Group

This ministry is available as the need arises to anyone who has experienced a loss and is in need of a safe and welcoming place to talk and pray together.