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We offer Adult Christian Formation classes both in-person and digitally.


We use the term “formation” to refer to Christian education, but it means more than just education. “Formation” implies a continuous, life-long journey marked by questioning, wondering, learning. We are being formed constantly as Christians as we strive to discover and define our personal relationship with God.


At St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, we are committed to Christian Formation for all ages, and the opportunities it presents to wade into the waters of deeper spiritual fulfillment. 

Please check our weekly Key News email and the Sunday bulletin current Adult Christian Formation opportunities.

Our Staff


Rachel Davis

Director of Christian Formation

Image by Caleb Hernandez Belmonte

Journey Through Pilgrimage 

Sundays, February 5th through February 26th, Room 201

Have you been considering embarking on a pilgrimage? Have you ever dreamed of making this type of adventure a reality? This 4-week course co-facilitated by Fr. Joe and Beth McKibben-Nee will provide an introduction to the gift of pilgrimage, discuss its history, and explore its motivations and steps for making the most of the experience.

Adult Formation Classes, Current Classes

Two-Part Funeral Planning Seminar

Sundays, February 8th and February 15th, Burns Hall

How do you want to be remembered? And how does that service look? Join Fr. Joe and the Foundation of St. Peter’s, to learn how you can plan your service, including your choice of hymns, readings, preacher, speakers, and servers. This two-part seminar will enable you to finalize and file your wishes for your funeral service. Join us in Burns Hall. We will provide the paperwork, sample readings and even hymns played by Director of Music, Tim McKee!

Reccurring Groups at St. Peter's

Centering Prayer Group

Please join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30-9:00 a.m. in the church. We enter quietly, and at the sound of the bell, become centered in silence, entering the peace of God's loving Presence. Please contact the church office for more information on this wonderfully spiritual way to start your day!

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Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups begin in October and run through May. They are a great way to meet new friends and to reconnect with some old ones. Each Foyer Group is made up of 8-10 people who take turns hosting dinner at their homes. We also have foyer groups who hold dinners in restaurants all over the island.


If you'd like more information, contact the church office. We hope to see you there!

St. Peter's Readers

This group enjoys reading and discussing books of various topics in fiction and non-fiction. We have lively discussions each month and all are welcome, whether the scheduled book for discussion has been read or not. We meet the third Tuesday monthly for an hour in St. Peter’s parlor at 10:30 a.m., September through May (except in December.) When the meeting concludes, all interested parties decide on where to go to lunch. Contact the office for more information.

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Young Adults, Navy.png

St. Peter's Young Adults

This young adult community hosts gatherings and opportunities for fellowship alongside one another. From Gen X to Gen Z, no matter your life stage, you are invited to join in monthly game nights, dinners, and other activities planned each month. Check out our Adult Formation calendar for dates and info about our upcoming events!


You can contact Rachel Davis or the church office for more information.

Creation Care

Over the last several years, the people of St. Peter's have maintained a garden space on 9th Street. This space has been designated as a growing space to be used by our members in partnership with neighbors in Fernandina.

If caring for creation is a passion of yours or you would like to learn about gardening, please contact Rachel Davis to receive more information.

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Current Class

Classes you might have missed recently!

Bible in 90 Days

Taught by Rachel Davis, Mtr. Rachel McElwee, & Tom Ray

What Are Holy Orders Anyway?

Taught by Fr. Joe Woodfin


Making Sense of the Bible

Taught by Reverend Dr. Marcia King

Broken & Beloved: Church as Community

Taught by Tom Ray and Rachel Davis

Mystic(al) Medieval Women

Taught by various staff and clergy

Inquirer's Class

Taught by Reverend Dr. Marcia King

Lent Series and Soup Suppers

Taught by various staff and clergy

Don't all Religions Lead to God?

Taught by Reverend Dr. Marcia King

Love & Liberation

Taught by Rachel Davis

Bonhoeffer, Becket, & More

Taught by Barbara Cadwell

Good Grief

Taught by Rachel Davis

Gifts & Talents

Taught by various teachers


Practicing the Presence of God

Taught by Reverend Dr. Marcia King


Christians Gone Wild: Heresy through History

Taught by Reverend Dr. Marcia King

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