Our Clergy

Our clergy are a team of experienced and loving shepherds to our community. You will find that congregational care, teaching, and outreach are key focuses for our pastoral team.


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Our Staff

Our staff consists of people who are resourceful, creative, and diverse in their gifts. They strive to provide a welcoming environment for all they encounter, whether in the office or at a church event.

Please feel free to contact anyone from our staff. They are more than willing to assist you and can always help point you in the right direction!

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Director of Youth Ministry


Parish Administrator


Parish Sexton


Director of Christian Formation


Director of Music Ministries


Financial Secretary

Our Vestry

The Vestry is the body within the congregation that, with the clergy, assists in leading the parish. The Vestry helps discern the vision to which God is drawing us, articulates and communicates that vision, and keeps the mission of St. Peter's centered before the community.
The Vestry consists of 12 persons who partake in long-range planning and chair committees for our parish. Each year, four new persons are selected to serve three-year terms. The Vestry interacts with the Rector, providing regular feedback, addressing clergy wellness issues, and encouraging clear and direct communications, while also leading initiatives derived from planning.
Vestry members participate regularly in worship, education, and other programs; offer talents to support congregation ministries; and pledge financial support, working toward tithing. The Vestry is also responsible for the care of paid and volunteer personnel and has legal and moral responsibility to manage the parish resources (funds, investments, furnishings, buildings, and grounds). The Vestry Bylaws provide the framework for the governance of St. Peter's Parish under the diocesan canons.

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Vicky Beaudry

Class of 2021

Meghann Allen

Class of 2022

Peter Booth

Class of 2023

Linda Lentjes, Jr. Warden

Class of 2021

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Sharon Barlow

Class of 2022

Tom Ray

Class of 2023

Kevin Lin

Class of 2021

Connie McDaniel, Sr. Warden

Class of 2022

Tezlyn Watts

Class of 2023

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Ginger Mock

Class of 2021

Virginia Rogers, Clerk

Class of 2022

Chad Wykle

Class of 2023