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St Peter’s has a twin objective of providing a place to glorify God and to keep his people safe from harm, including the COVID 19 pandemic.  Although COVID infections are declining and many people are now vaccinated, we continue to require masks and observe social distancing in all buildings for all activities until herd immunity is obtained.

In addition, there are capacity protocols in effect for the church (50), parish hall (100), and classrooms (20).  We also offer many outdoor services where mask-wearing is optional but social distancing is still required.  Please observe these guidelines with Christian charity and love, remembering that we are to love each other as God loves us.*

*All services held inside the church are limited seating and masks and social distancing are required during the service.  Overflow live-streaming services are held in Burns Hall. If the sanctuary is full, an usher will direct you from the church, and a greeter will assist you in Burns Hall. Outside services require masks while entering and exiting the service and when receiving communion.

Here are the most recent overflow instructions for the church and the most current CDC guidelines.  Thank you for helping us keep God’s people safe. 

When worshipping in person...

  • Please maintain social distancing at all times.

  • If outdoors, please wear your mask while coming to and from your seat during services/events or while you are interacting with others.

  • If indoors for worship, we are required to wear our masks for the duration of all indoor services and to refrain from singing.

  • If indoors for classes or meetings, we are required to wear our masks indoors, except when seated in spaces with appropriate social distancing (for example, while in Burns Hall for adult classes if attendees are seated at their own tables.)

  • With children, please do your best to have them wear masks at all times, especially when they attend Sunday School with their peers