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Raise the Roof Tithe


In October of 2021 while celebrating your generous support of the Raise the Roof campaign, we announced the Outreach Tithe Committee formed from this campaign. The committee, led by Connie McDaniel, our Vestry Senior Warden, worked to determine how best to distribute the $20,000 tithe back into the community. After much research and a few “meeting of the minds”, the committee identified that housing, food, and crisis support for both adults and young people in the community were of great need. 


Many organizations in Nassau County do great work, but the Tithe committee was especially moved when speaking with the following organizations: America’s Youth, Barnabas, Interfaith Dinner Network, and Nassau’s Habitat for Humanity. It was decided that $5,000 would be distributed to each of these organizations as a sign of our gratitude and continued or future partnership. The sense of place and dignity given to a person seeking services was evident in each of these organization’s efforts, and we are so grateful to steward these gifts alongside such vital community partners. With checks now distributed, we thank you all along with the tithe committee for their efforts and look ahead to the next chapter in collaboration with these community partners.

Check hand off to Nassau’s Habitat for Humanity (left), America’s Youth (top right), Barnabas (bottom right), and Interfaith Dinner Network (not pictured).

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